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"Andrea was really cross with himself. Why hadn’t he been able to say what he was thinking instead of conforming to other people’s words or those of the Firm?"

A futuristic tale about globalisation and identity

Tracing the tracks of masterpieces such as “1984 “ by George Orwell or “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, “Memento Postridie” shows us a possible future, so far away yet at the same time, so near. The incidents Andrea Rossi, an ordinary citizen living in the Milan of 2073, finds himself involved in, are an example of how much our love of progress can affect our everyday lives and the role the individual plays within society. Andrea is a product of the cultural environment he lives in, of a now globalised world in which happiness and well-being are everything, but Andrea is not completely convinced. Is this the kind of world man wants? Is this the real solution to all our problems? When Andrea starts asking himself these questions, he involuntarily brings up questions, which will lead him into a limbo where every answer seems useless and senseless.

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