The Wynnman Series

"In 2015 I decided to write a story which celebrated the history and surroundings of Wimbledon Village. I had been mulling over the idea of serialised fiction for a while and I was fascinated by the idea of creating returning characters that would belong for years to come to this beautiful corner of London. After writing a few drafts, I finally published the first book of the Wynnman series in April 2019, entitled The Wynnman and the Black Azalea. "

Trevor P. Kwain

4 Stars - Amazon

"I really enjoyed this novel as an easy read and something a little different" - LoveReading Ambassador

5 Stars - Amazon

"This is an exciting and fast-paced read, Bond-like in it's conception [...] There is a 'thin veil..between reality and fantasy" - Drena Irish, A LoveReading Ambassador

Book 3: The Wynnman and the Silver Spectre


Coming Soon in 2022!

Welcome to the Wynnman universe!

"Wimbledon Village thrives on the edge of a hill, the utmost southern tip of a large high plateau in South West London. Its northern border is dominated by a wasteland known as the Common, mysterious grounds teeming with wilderness. To the west, the Common spreads further like a plague, where Nature lives unruly, until it grinds against the bustling roads, the public buildings, the suburban houses of the village, where men and women live their dreams and nightmares. All along the southern ridge of the hill the Epsom Downs stretch south into Surrey and at the foot of the hill lies modern Wimbledon Town, constantly moving, growing, as it fades into the desolate urban landscape of Merton. The eastern front meets the signs of modern transportation and modern urbanisation until they all step aside to show the green triangle of Wimbledon Park, as it embraces the hill in a cuddle, as it has done since the earliest of times.

Our story starts in Wimbledon Village. But as the pages unfold, as the fog clears, and our characters come into play, it will become clear this is an alternate Wimbledon. It is a Wimbledon where you and I do not exist…"

(from the intro to each Wynnman book)