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Our curious baker Enrico LoTrova finds himself in the crossfire of a conspiracy. A story of deceit and revenge, science and sorcery, set against the backdrop of Wimbledon’s fascinating history.

Seven stories of tomorrow. Seven stories of human life we may recognise. Sleven stories to remind us who we are and what we take for granted.

Enrico LoTrova is finally living his dream, but when the peace of the village is about to be crushed by a ghastly discovery, Wimbledon will soon be shaken at its core

When Enrico LoTrova finally opens a bakery in Wimbledon, a series of mysterious events will drag him to the depths of the town’s unknown history

When you are ten years old, the world is simple and innocent. No filter. No malice. Here’s a collection of short stories from when I first realised I wanted to be a writer.

When Daniel hears about the French writer Arthur De Gobineau, it will be the start of a long, perilous journey in search of the birthplace of human civilisation

The story of Andrea Rossi, an ordinary citizen living in the Milan of 2073, where globalisation has taken an unexpected turn...

63 collectable cards split into nine groups of seven cards. Nine short stories created and inspired by the same writer.

In Italian Language

Il mondo a dieci anni è un mondo semplice e innocente. Senza filtri. Senza malizia. Una raccolta di storie scritta quando decisi per la prima volta di diventare uno scrittore.

La storia di Andrea Rossi, un cittadino qualunque nella Milano del 2073, dove la globalizzazione ci ha portato ad un futuro inaspettato... 

63 carte collezionabili di Magic L'Adunanza© divise in nove gruppi di sette carte. Nove storie generate e ispirate dalla stessa penna.

Un poema astratto che oscilla tra assurdo e realtà, in una terra dove si ode l'eco del mondo moderno e dove l'autore lotta contro i sensi effimeri della Chimera.